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Q: Where can I find coupons in my account?
  • A:You can find coupons in your Personal Center-->My Coupons.
Q: How can I use coupons when shopping?
  • A:Your available coupons will show when you click "Apply Coupon Code" on place order page. You can choose one coupon to apply. Please note that these coupons have a minimum purchase requirement(which is after discount). Coupons can't be applied when the minimum purchase requirement is not met.
Q: Can the coupons be used on all categories and all products?
  • A:Each coupon has its own restrictions on categories or products. This can be found on My Coupons page on each coupon. Besides, we have some special products which don't support the use of any coupon. Only the products which support the use of coupon will contribute to the minimum purchase requirement of each coupon.
Q: Is the coupon refundable if I cancel my order?
  • A:If you cancel your order, your coupon will not be refunded.
Q: How many times can I use each coupon?
  • A:Each coupon can be used only one time.